Being Independent? Independent Filmmaking.

Being independent? We hear this phrase our whole lives; parents, spouses, children, worst at work; we’ve all heard the phrase. This phrase scurries around in our brains – especially when you hit the world of Independent Filmmaking.

Test Shoots
Scheduling Actors
Securing locations
Writing : Write based off of what you have (coined by Mr.Robert Rodriquez), not what you want. Let the story breathe on its own.

…Those quiet days of worrying whether or not the film will be made and so much more worth mentioning.

The journey of venturing out to produce Arteria: The Water Please Story, is the most fulfilling experience of my life.

Status of the Project: Pre-Production.


Main character: Arteria =  “A blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body.”

Arteria, is the name of our main character. She is a blood vessel, pumping through life trying to survive. She uses the heart to sustain the body. But… we all know that the heart (in a metaphorical sense) isn’t the most practical way to survive.

Kirk Douglas Kellier and I, Samantha Green wrote this film together. The writing process was visceral and exciting and the script evolved over a period of 10 months. We left California in January 2013 and flew to Jamaica. The land of my prep school days. I digress.

The formula for writing this project came from failure, something I ran away from for most of my life (but managed to succeed at). To fail is to prevail. How? You improve the script. Pun intended. If we misplaced an actor. Or an actor misplaced us. We’d misplace their character and create a new one. Failure had us scrambling up the wall of creativity. I admit, I didn’t weep, I bawled. Each tear that fell was suspended into the universe of our Independent Drama. And it was both Independent and Drama. Did I mention it was in Black and White?

Being Independent? Independent Filmmaking. How come no school taught me that failure would insight creativity, vitality and change? Not only change in the characters we were writing but my character as well.


Refer to my future blogs  for more fun stuff.

P.S. Visit Arteria: The Water Please Story on Tumblr


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