“A West Indies Production Company”

Where can I find a “West Indies Production Company”?

I love cinema.

Honest, raw, sexy, gritty cinema.


I haven’t seen a “West Indies Production Company” produce any of the films I want to watch.

I love being challenged.

I think a lot.

I like when other people make me think a lot.

So when thinking about this issue further with my business partner

we knew we needed to create a “West Indies Production Company.”


Where is the West Indies?

Ahhh. Think about those Sandals commercials.

You watched! You smiled!

You thought… “Man I wish I could go there.”


Dude. That’s a commercial…


Imagine with me.

This is gonna be good.

Are you ready for this?

What about a full feature?


One that doesn’t involve guns.

I digress.

There is nothing wrong with gun usage in film.

I just believe we can challenge actors more…with

the craft.

(Wait a minute!

One of our next films will be an action movie.

“But the action serves the drama.”)

But. Back to serious time.


We need a “West Indies Production Company.”





I said that word 3 times.

Didn’t it get monotonous?

Now imagine seeing that word

100 times for the rest of your life.

coyote under anvil


Better yet,

do you want something new?

It’s up to you…

But when it comes to me.

I envision something new.

And guess what guys?

We can make something new.


Just check us out on Indiegogo and make it happen.

Because it needs to happen.

It’s about time it happens.

It will happen.

Everyone please remember

 our success is your success.

We’ve got lots of plans,

and they’re bigger than Sandals.

Did I mention a

Sandals Royal Caribbean vacation

was one of our incentives?

Check it out.

Until next time,


P.S. Please don’t misinterpret the blog. I love Sandals and I love Sandals commercials, maybe one day I’ll be in one. And Kirk can shoot it (pun intended). Also, I’m not knocking gun movies, there are quite a few I enjoy. I just wanna shake things up.



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